Kuala Lumpur Highlights

Petronas Twin Towers

Berjaya Times Square

Berjaya Times Square shopping centre. A section of the mall is designated to an indoor theme park including an escape room and an insane roller coaster in the centre.

Petronas Twin Towers

The once tallest building in the world, the Petronas Twin towers. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to make the climb to the top but if you plan to, be sure to purchase tickets in advance to prevent waiting in line.

Roller coast in Berjaya Times Square

KL Tower

As one of the tallest freestanding towers in the world, the view from the KL tower is exceptional and totally worth the ear-popping elevator ride to the top. Furthermore, step inside the clear, glass box on the Sky Deck and observe the city of Kuala Lumpur beneath your feet.

Merdeka square

Visit the square where the Malaysian flag was raised for the first time in 1957.

Istana Negara

The royal palace of Malaysia.

Jadi Batek

A local art gallery/shop/workshop who create beautiful, authentic sarongs and artwork on delicate pieces of silk.

Batu Caves

Beryl’s Chocolate Kingdom

I’m one of the few people who is not a fan of coffee, but after visiting Beryl’s Chocolate Kingdom I became completely obsessed. If you’re not going to pick up any of their heavenly chocolate, then try the white coffee they offer.

Batu Caves

One of my favourite locations in KL just has to be the Batu Caves. The captivating caves are an important religious landmark for many.

National Museum

The National Museum of Kuala Lumpur offers an insightful view of Malaysia’s history.

View from the KL Tower

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