Highlights of the Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi is utterly beautiful. The water is crystal clear and the trees a perfect green. The serenity that Phi Phi holds is unbelievable. Behind all the bars and nightclubs there is the nature, the hikes and trails, the cats, the beaches and the people.

Phi Phi viewpoint

Listed here, are 7 must do activities when visiting the picturesque Phi Phi islands:

Scuba Diving

Traditional long-tail boats

If you have the opportunity, please go scuba diving! You will have no regrets. Seeing the ocean from a depth of a few metres is absolutely mesmerising. There are so many different species to be admired. Scuba dive next to a turtle or under a boat!


If scuba diving doesn’t tweak your interest, snorkelling should do the trick. There are numerous snorkelling tours to choose from or even bring your own snorkel to a nearby beach.

Monkey Beach

Pop by monkey beach and spot some cheeky monkeys. Keep a tight grip on your belongings!

Phi Phi viewpoint

Phi Phi viewpoint is breathtaking. The half hour hike to the top and the small entry fee is worth your while when visiting Phi Phi Don.

Maya Bay


Join a boat tour to one (or more) of the surrounding Phi Phi islands.

Beach hopping

Beach hop around one the islands! Don’t forget to bring a snorkel and appreciate the diversity of the fish and the vibrant coral.

Maya Bay

Maya Bay famous for being part of “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio is an immensely popular tourist hotspot. However, it is closed indeterminately to rehabilitate the area.

Phi Phi and its many cats

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