The capital city of Belgium, Brussels is a tourist hotspot for those visiting Europe. Its enticing chocolate and waffle shops as well as famous beer and pubs are a must.

Manneken Pis

My day in Brussels began in the Grand Place/Grote Markt where I went on a “free” walking tour. These walking tours can be found in almost every major city in Europe and only cost a small donation. They offer an insightful view on the city’s history and landmarks and allow you to orientate yourself in the city. My tour guide’s name was Dora, and coincidentally, she wore a backpack and had a map in her hand. Regarded as one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, the Grote Markt is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the most popular tourist spots in Brussels. The gold was added as a sign for strength and regrowth after the Markt was destroyed. 

Belgium Friet

Another stop on the 2-hour walking tour was Manneken Pis. There are many tales about the history of Manneken Pis but what isn’t as well known is that the statues of Jeanneke Pis (girl) and Het Zinneke (dog) also exist in Brussels! Although Manneken Pis is quite small, on certain occasions he can be found dressed in a costume. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the street art around Brussels! 

For the best (and cheapest) waffles in Brussels I recommend the street where Manneken Pis is situated, as there are many shops who sell warm waffles for just one euro. Fritland, is the only shop in Brussels to sell chips made from fresh potatoes instead of frozen. Trust me, they are absolutely divine and are only a short walk from the Grote Markt. They also offer a wide range of sauces to eat your fries with! If you fancy trying pralines from the inventor themselves, visit Neuhaus inside the Galérie de la Reine. If not for the chocolate, The Galérie de la Reine is well worth a visit. The architecture is beautiful and is fitted with a glass roof.

The Galérie de la Reine

Arcade Du Cinquantenaire located in the centre of Cinquantenaire park is a vast triple arch and a popular attraction for tourists. For any museum lovers out there, the Art and History museum as well as the Military museum are positioned next to the arches too. 

Of course there are many other attractions in Brussels, Belgium such as Mini Europe which has miniature versions of famous monuments in Europe on show. Take a beer tour around Brussels or visit the Comic Strip Centre, a museum famed for its Belgian Comics. You could even visit the Royal Palace of Brussels, the official residence of the Belgian Royal family. If you have time, admire the Atomium (a giant sized Iron molecule) located in Heysel Park close to Mini Europe. 


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