Berlin is a city rich in history that has shaped our modern world. My trip to Berlin lasted 3 days and I only saw a sliver of what it has to offer.

Brandenburg Gate


There are a variety of public transportation systems around Berlin. From public busses to trains and trams. Taxis can be ideal for some or even the Hop On Hop Off bus for those wanting to visit Berlins main attractions.

Must do’s

Checkpoint Charlie

Arguably one of Berlins most recognised historical landmarks, Checkpoint Charlie is well worth a visit on your trip to Berlin. It is a symbol of the cold war representing the separation between East and West Berlin. It is also the site where the infamous Soviet Vs American confrontation took place in 1961. There are many restaurants and museums surrounding Checkpoint Charlie as well.

Berlin Wall

The well-known Berlin Wall acted as a divide between the east and the west during the Cold War and stood for 28 years. Although the Berlin Wall has (for the most part) been destroyed, segments can still be found around Berlin. One of the best spots to view the remnants of the wall is at the East Side Gallery which is the longest sector that is left of the Berlin Wall.


Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate has been the site of numerous historical occasions such as Ronald Reagan’s “tear down this wall” speech.


The KaDeWe is a department store several stories high. It is the second largest in Europe, after Harrods in London.


At Bebelplatz, the book burning memorial signifies the 20 000 books burned by Nazis in 1933.

Holocaust Memorial

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

Berlin Cathedral

The Berlin Cathedral located at Museum Island is one of Berlins most important cathedrals.


A TV tower with a beautiful view from the top.

Museum Island

New Palace (Potsdam)

Berlins Museum Island is a UNESCO world heritage site located in the heart of Berlin and is home to 5 world renowned museums. The Pergamon Museum, Bode-Museum, New Museum, Old National Gallery and the Old Museum.

Other museums around Berlin include the Stasi Museum, the Wall Museum and my personal favourite, the German History Museum.


Potsdam is a city located on the border of Berlin most famous for Sanssouci Palace and the New Palace. Make a day trip to Potsdam and immerse yourself in Berlin history with a visit to one of the many museums or wander around in Sanssouci park.

Christmas markets and more Christmas markets

If you happen to visit Berlin in November/December, you are bound to stumble across several Christmas markets. Wander around and enjoy some mulled wine 🙂

What to eat

The Berliner is a must for anybody with a sweet tooth. A Berliner is basically a donut without a hole in the centre and is usually filled with jam. Of course, the famous Bratwurst and Currywurst (sausages) are popular choices for those visiting Germany. As are Schnitzels and pretzels. A trip to Berlin would be incomplete without a taste of Germany’s beer culture.

Berlin Cathedral

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