The port city of Antwerp is famously known as the diamond district due to countless diamond traders. Besides being the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp is a trendy and hip city with numerous things to do depending on your interests.

Grote Markt

I began my morning with a Belgian waffle (okay maybe 2) and then wandered to Rubens Huis. I prefer walking when I’m in a city as there’s always new thing to discover such as a trendy café or a thrift shop. Of course there are many other means of travel, such as a taxi or even bikes which you can conveniently hire and leave at the next bike station. The first museum I stopped by, Rubens Huis was once home to famous artist, Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640). He was one of the few artists who was actually famous during his lifetime for his pristine artwork. Rubens house/art studio was bursting with his renowned artwork.

Het Steen (Steen Castle)

For any shopping lovers out there, I visited Antwerp’s city centre which is full of a variety of different style clothing stores, both high end and fast fashion. The cobbled streets of Antwerp are inhabited by unique boutiques while the city centre holds stores such as Zara, Bershka and H&M. If fashion isn’t your thing, then try one of the many second hand book shops or one of the several chocolate stores.

The port of Antwerp happens to be the second largest in Europe. I went for a stroll along the waterside and came across Het Steen. Het Steen is a medieval fortress and Antwerp’s oldest building.

Antwerp by night

I went on a short walk from the port to the Red Star Line museum which is based on the 2 million children, women and men who left Antwerp in search of a better life in America in the 1800’s. I really enjoyed this museum as it was a journey to the past in terms of learning about others experiences of immigration and the hardships that they underwent.

There are a variety of different experiences in the city of Antwerp such as visiting the Cathedral of Our Lady or the Museum aan de Stroom. One could even admire one of the most beautiful train stations in the world, Antwerp Station. Keep an eye out for markets in the Grote Markt or visit the town hall.

Market day

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