7 Days in Lanzarote

Coming from the opposite side of the world, I’d never heard of this group of islands located off the coast of Morocco. The volcanic island of Lanzarote is one of the seven Spanish islands that make up the Canary Islands.

Puerto Del Carmen

Day 1

We embarked on our four-hour plane journey to Lanzarote from a small airport in the north of the Netherlands.

We were especially fortunate as our apartment complex was surrounded by a range of shops (an extreme amount of which were aloe vera shops) and restaurants of all cuisines situated right on the boulevard of Puerto Del Carmen. After a scrumptious meal of pizza and spaghetti at a nearby Italian restaurant, we settled in for a good night sleep before the first full day of our holiday.

Timanfaya National Park

Day 2

We dedicated the morning to exploring Puerto Del Carmen. Towards the afternoon we headed to one of the (many) tourism offices along the boulevard and bought tickets for the Aquapark Costa Teguise water park that day, along with a boat tour for the following. The handy feature of the ‘tours’ that can be purchased from tourism offices, is that they arrange for a bus to pick you up from a local bus stop and bring you to and from your chosen destination. The water park was heaps of fun and perfect for kids as well as older people. My younger cousins as well as my grandmother absolutely adored it there!

Day 3

I woke up early to watch the sunrise across the street. On my way back to the apartment complex I just had to pick up some cat food for all the cats on the island. Later in the morning we were brought to the typical, Spanish town of Playa Blanca where we boarded the boat. On the lower deck, there was a submarine-like area with crystal clear water gushing against the windows. The boat anchored 30 metres from the shore of Yaiza where we spent a lovely afternoon swimming and snorkelling in the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 4

After catching a bus to Playa Blanca once again, we visited the marina Rubicon markets. Everything from jewellery, purses and bags, clothes, artwork and souvenirs could be bought. A scenic ten-minute walk away, was the shopping district of Calle Limones which enticed us with its palm trees and block white houses. After a great day in Playa Blanca, it was time to head back to Puerto Del Carmen. We had dinner at a sea-side Mexican restaurant and played roof-top mini golf while the sun set in front of us.

Day 5

Playa Blanca Cove

Potentially my favourite day, we hired a car (which I highly recommend) and explored the charming island of Lanzarote. We began by driving to Mirador del Rio lookout point at the northern tip of Lanzarote that hovers above the clouds and overlooks Isla Graciosa. After lunch, we drove to a surfing beach in Haría which intriguingly enough, was half pebbles and half golden sand. It was as if a magical line was drawn between the two. After an hour of swimming in the sea and jumping off of the jetty, we went searching for Timanfaya national park. Two and a half hours of taking the wrong turns later, we finally arrived. Timanfaya is widely known for its vast amount of active volcanoes. Lanzarote is an island formed from the magma produced by the volcanic eruptions which explains why there’s a scarce amount of flora inland. After wandering through the mounds of cooled magma, we headed to El Golfo in pursuit of the green lake which apparently, appeared in a James Bond movie. In my opinion, the ‘green’ lake only appeared so as it is located on a black sand beach which in contrast to the sand, just accentuated its natural colour. Our last stop before we headed back was a touristy snorkelling cove in Playa Blanca. 


Day 6

We spent our final day on this striking island relaxing. We began by visiting Biosfera Plaza Shopping Centre and eventually made our way to Playa Grande beach. While at the beach, we hired a paddle boat with a slide attached. We had a special teppanyaki dinner and played a celebratory game of mini golf to end our final night.

Day 7

You know that feeling you get on the day you have to leave a holiday. The pit in your stomach when you wish you could just stay one more day? Well, that was how I felt. Sadly, we left before dawn to the airport. It was time to go home.

I had no idea what to expect upon arriving in Lanzarote but it exceeded everything I could have imagined. I’m so fortunate to have been able to visit Lanzarote. It is honestly such a beautiful island and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s searching for an adventurous yet relaxing island getaway. 

El Golfo

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